Dillard All Mighty a.k.a. Tubby Wylde, Spotted Dog, Popelle Dillard the Last, 
and Big Bro'
Dalmatian / man / furry
late middle age ( 65 years human )
White with black spots
Jowly almost blood hound face
big black nose
blood shot watery eyes, dark pupils
No spots on face
floppy ears
big paws with very blunt claws
Husky body (hard to see through robes)
white pleated robes with purple trim; loose fit; poufy sleeves sweeps floor
gold circlet with little crosses around head with opal cross in center of forehead
stance and limbs, humanoid
face, ears, tail, fur, eyes  {dark) and claws, canine
in dog form
heavy build
short fat tail
big sharp brownish teeth, red and black gums
gap where left bottom fang was

His Dad Ronin is the nastiest low down dirty dog that anyone's had the misfortune to meet
and even in his 80's is a force to reckon with!
Brother Denny looks like him but is shorter fatter and has a spot framing left eye
Thinks he's on a mission from "The One Who Left Us Here" to bring order to all of Lhoam. 
This entails 'straightening out' all the roads, rivers and people of all three lands 
and then exploring the rest of Loam for more heathens to bring under the rule of law.
likes to have little boys around him a lot. Most people even in Haven are scared to 
leave their kids alone with him.
wants Vive to bear his children. Thinks little fox/dog boys would look real cute. 
Can't actually bear to touch her though. Wants it done medically. Vive's not 
Truly hates Fyry, Phyrrt, Patty and Catty and would love to see them die slowly; but 
fears and admires Ripper. 
Has strange dreams where he's in dog form and Mhyrrt-tee-neow is dressed in black 
leather and making him do tricks.


Ronin Wylde

Ronin Wylde


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