Kateena Taworri
Thylacine (Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger)
until recently she was living in the outback of Bruni Island on her own. With the death of her parents she assumed she was the last Thylacine in the world. Some pirate/slavers captured her and tried to transport her to a slave culture. She was used by the crew to get her 'broken in' they said. When freed she only thought of escape; but quickly realized she'd need her stuff so managed to steal back her flint knife; boomerang; Loincloth and didgeridoo. Her next thought was revenge and she got it! Now she's in a rough seaport; broke and topless; not sure what to do. Try to go home or learn to adapt? Whatever she faces it will be with bravery and determination. She just turned 20 and has got her self a whole new life.
staff : A Didgeridoo
tattoos: Tribal
piercings: pierced ears with curved bones and feathers: 2 small ones
braids in the hair: more like dreadlocks.
Her hair is dark brown; long and unkempt ( she's never cut or brushed it)
Her eyes are bright orange and large.
her loincloth is beige tanned hide with no designs
She has sunburst tattoos framing each nipple
barefoot; plantigrade
wide mouth
knife: dark gray stone; bone handle made from horn.
boomerang: brown wood; colorful tribal markings.







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