Conventions to keep in mind:

when walking:
Ripper first Moldred second and Sneak in back or off to one side.
when sitting:
Ripper  straight backed with knees higher than seat (most chairs are too low for her)
Moldred rounded shoulders cross-legged (lotus) or knees apart. fingers laced over belly.
Sneak-sneak languidly like she was poured into the seat, but eyes wide and ears pointed 
forward like she could dart off in a blink.
Naked characters are either full animal or if 'were' covered in fur at greasy bits. 
Unless we do an erotic story for Genus or a Portfolio {when we do the three-way story 
I've alluded to it will be as graphic as possible}.
Most crowd scenes should contain a small white rabbit in a cream colored leisure suit. 
This is foreshadowing coming events. He never says anything and nobody seems to notice 
Ripper and Dillard usually stand four-square, up front and look people straight in the 
Moldred and Vive's eyes dart around the room looking at everything and weighing it's 
importance right now in active situations. They look off in the distance remembering 
other (better?) times and places in more passive times.
Phyrrt and Fyry seem shy with down cast eyes and soft manners but always take every 
thing in. Nobody sees them come or go {this is literally true you hardly ever show them 
entering or leaving (on their own)}
The Black Dragon is never shown. He is depicted as a shadow on a cavern wall or cast on 
the ground from some height.
In Haven every one dresses in conservative attire. Either Amish, Hasidic, church 
vestments, or early 20th century business suits.
Moldred usually wears a suit and tie and hates every minute of it. Ripper wears long 
sleeved ankle length dresses in muted pastel colors. Sneak wears flowery knee length 
skirts, silky blouses and a black cat suit underneath. If they are legally in Haven 
they have on gold collars; with little crosses tight around their necks and so do some 
of the people and animals they meet (immigrants and tourists)
In Midgardon- see character descriptions
In Hel:
south- tends to be tropical to arid so they dress very light.
Ripper and Sneak go topless (fur-covered) and wear loose shorts
Moldred wears a vest  and baggy clam diggers.
North- on the glacier and in Vanaheim. They wear extra layers of fur. Parkas, mukluks,
 and fur lined hoods; tied on with long leather thongs.
Before Moldred enters the Crossroads Inn there are Mole people working all over the 
place. As soon as he appears they vanish. Tools are left in midair and there are speed 
lines leading away from him in every direction.
If Dillard manages to get a small child alone they usually run to their parents 
afterward; whisper something; at which point the parents look at Dillard in shock and 
hustle their kids off quickly!
Physical description of a Tasmanian tiger/wolf (Thylacinus cynocephalus):
The Tiger is about 5 feet (1.5 m) long, and has light brown fur with dark stripes across 
its lower back. measures about 1.5 meters (4.5 feet). In appearance, it looks like a dog 
with dark stripes along it's grayish-brown back. This remarkable animal looks like wolf, 
but it is more closely related to kangaroos than to either tigers or wolves. The 
Tasmanian tiger-wolf is a marsupial. They carry their young in pouches as do other 
marsupials like the kangaroo and the koala. The jaws of a Tasmanian Tiger are believed 
to open wider than any other mammal. They also sport a long, heavy, kangaroo like tail. 
The name "tiger" comes from dark strips that ran across the flanks of the creature's 
yellow brown fur. The tiger's feet left a five toed print which is similar, but easily 
distinguished from a dog's. Dogs have only four toes. While the creatures look fierce 
because of their large heads and wide jaws, they are actually shy and retiring. 
The largest of them grows six feet long, including the tail, and they stand two feet 
high at the shoulder.

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