(Ripper, runt, gyrrl)


young adult (20 years human)
orange and black hair in braided pony-tail
athletic build (think Lucy Lawless - Cybil Sheppard)
round 'open' face
jade and turquoise necklace, bracelet (wide); silver crescent moon earrings
reptile (dragon?) skin boots; mid calf
sword hilt over left shoulder,  dagger in waistband
brown leather and silvery chain mail bikini top
proportional breasts (TWO) {not flat or 'top-heavy}
brown leather and silvery chain mail short shorts; loose fit on bottom;
throwing stars on belt from right hip to left shoulder
five fingers (slightly blunt) SHARP claws
stance and limbs, humanoid
face, ears, tail, fur, eyes  [green) and claws, felinoid major {that's pronounced feel annoyed and means like a Big cat}
Wide-eyed 'innocent' look on face (think -but don't draw- little halo over head)
In tiger form:
larger chest narrower waist
wider nose
thick straight whiskers
bigger, sharper fangs (top pair sticks below jaw)
thickish tail
bright orange and deep black fur
big wide eyes
straight back


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Is from South Baston the largest city in HEL (both Hellenic and Hellish)
Comes from a rich family of military leaders who don't like or trust magic
Has a younger sister whose bigger than her (in a lot of ways!) and a spoiled brat.
Has an older brother who loves and respects her and keeps her updated on the family. 
He has always stood up for her to their dad "The General".
not fully aware of her own strength sometimes. Frequently breaks things around her.
But is in full control in a battle. great with a sword or dagger. has perfect aim; 
once she found a bow she couldn't break! 
still pretty innocent about a lot of stuff.
Has 'made love' once or twice (maybe thrice...)
... once with Moldred and Sneak-sneak at the same time (long story for latter release)
Is an excellent swimmer and loves hot bathes
Calls Moldred 'gabnow' which means 'honored instructor'
Calls Sneak-Sneak 'fuzzball' "'cause she's just such a cute tiny ball of fuzz"
only been drunk in anthro form. As a tiger hates alcohol, smoke and perfume. I
n were - form has never meet anyone she can't out drink.
Is a day person. up with the sun, out padding along the forest trails or swimming in 
the lakes and rivers.
Is usually the first to say "let's help" she, he or it.
Ran away from home (with her brothers' help) to avoid an arranged marriage to 
an old lion (to join families and fortunes)
Originally wanted to learn magic so she could say NO! to her father and make it stick. 
Now wants to help people with her knowledge.







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::Pics of Mhyrrt::
Mhyrrt Penciled by
James T. Dawsey, jr.
James T. Dawsey, jr. web site

Color and Inked 


Robert L. Schliff




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