(Sneak-sneak, fuzzball, 'young miss Bastet') 


adult (34 years human)
straight, short black, brown and light gray hair and fur (tabby in patches)
small wiry build (Think Winona Ryder, Lori Petty, Misty from pokemon)
delicate features
beaded choker on neck with hollow ball (used to be bell) hanging down
yellow (gold?) armband with symbols (like Mayan) etched in green on right arm
dark tan soft suede (mouse skin?) slippers to below ankle
cafe-au-lait bare midriff tank-top/sports-bra uneven bottom edge (like she ripped it herself)
small firm breasts (TWO)
long thin whiskers, some bent
sun-burst tattoo ( tinted fur) around navel
green and brown (contrast to fur) high-waisted (just below navel) bikini/thong bottom {her legs are uncovered to the top of her hip
for easy movement, but her belt/waistband can be thick}
belt with two ring buckle [just draw two brass rings over-lapping with the belt going in and out ---(-',-)-,'-)-- ]
dagger sheath, coiled rope (almost string) and pouch on belt
four fingered hands needle-like claws
almond eyes (gold and intense)
neat v-shaped notch out of right ear
left upper fang (incisor) half gone
stance and limbs, humanoid
face, ears, tail, fur, eyes  [yellow) and claws, felinoid minor (means like a small cat)
calculated nonchalant face (imagine her whistling a little off key)
In cat form:
almost kitten size but thin
short, black, brown and light gray fur (tabby in patches)
tiny paws
needle sharp claws
pink nose
long whiskers
tabby patch between ears

-+- Picture of her -+-


Is from North Baston a wild seaport town on the west coast of Hel.
Lost her family at a young age and grew up on the docks and then went to sea.
liked working on a pirate ship better than a merchant ship. Better food, more money, wild drunken orgies that went on for days.
Doesn't like to work a lot. Always tries to cut corners, but has learned over the years that cheating and lies come back to haunt you.
Is a night person. Seems to sleep half the day and prowl all night.
Tends to repeat first word of sentences. To make sure people are listening.
Went through ninja training in her teens. Hoped to become the worlds greatest 'cat' burglar. Stole some stuff; decided she didn't like having to worry about it. Put it back.
Has an uncanny ability to just kind vanish in an instant (teleport?, ninja trick?)
Also can make things disappear from one location and reappear on or around her person.
She grows all manner of plants and fungi; some for purely recreational purposes. Sometimes she cooks up some real interesting dishes.
She has the power to get most males to do anything for her. All she has to do is act cute and helpless! Or cook them a meal.
She calls Moldred "bofs" {b'offs} which is her way of saying "you're the boss but I hate to admit it"
From the day they met Phyrrt and Moldred have felt like they always knew each other.
She calls Ripper "Gyrrrl" with a husky little growl that makes the bigger tiger girl a bit nervous!
Has had many sexual encounters in her life with different sexes and species et al. But never meet anyone she wanted to stay with very long. Until...
She's in love with Ripper! She loves Moldred too; but as a sensei/parent.
In Ripper she see someone she can always trust and depend on. A kindred spirit who knows about being a girl on her own in the world and is soft, fuzzy and warm to cuddle up with.
She doesn't want to push it and scare her though.
Basically she acts tough but deep down she's a real pussycat.

 Stray Harbor cat

sneak's first pose

sneaks first pose



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