Vivica Volpone











(Vive, Foxy Lady, Swish)

Fox / lady / furry

(flying fox after first adventure

5' 5"
Same age as Moldred (but looks younger)
Red, black and gray fur (even on wings, later)
trim and fit body (powerful wings, later) (jane fonda? Cher)
sad face big eyes (emerald green) small pouty mouth
gold hoop earrings
smaller sacred Chao on delicate chain around neck hangs just above 
ample breasts (yes, two) not out of proportion to body.
Five long fingers with blunt conical claws
'On the road
dark red (maroon, brick) v necked top to waist home spun (big weave) fabric
pantaloons (clam diggers) to below knee
Seven league boots (black leather with tops folded double
Cutlass in sash at waist
bow and quiver over right and left shoulders (before)
crossbow and quiver at waist (after)
hair to just above waist wind blown and free
'At home
dark red v necked dress to above knee home spun (big weave) fabric; sleeveless
below ankle laced canvas shoes no heels
hair tied back with leather thongs
stance and limbs, humanoid
face, ears, tail, fur, eyes  [green, oval and slanted) and claws, vulpine 
(means like a fox)
in fox form:
thin muzzle
long ears
long fluffy tail
ears, feet to ankles, nose, and back third of tail all black
top of head salt and pepper (mostly pepper)
small sharp teeth
small dull claws
After wings:
slits in back of clothes to accommodate wings. span reaches above head and 
down below knees and sprout from back on level with breasts. full wing span 6' 
in flight, otherwise one foot each side beyond torso.
not apparent in fox form (she can fly but nobody can see her wings)
	has twin brother Vincent Jr. (little Vinny)
Mother Veronica died; tenth year Moldred was away at school; from a heart-attack 
leaving Vive to do the cooking and cleaning. 'cause both Vinnys 'weren't much good 
wid dat girly stuff'.
	Her dad Big Vinny was murdered along with King Phillip the week Moldred 
returned leaving Vive with the rest of the Inn to run cause Little Vinny had gone 
to sea to seek his fortune. There's a family of Moles that 
live behind the Inn that help out a lot but every time they see Moldred they disappear 
for a week.
	has a deep and unshakable love of Moldred and after the initial shock didn't 
really care about Shirley. After all she hadn't been 100% faithful either (they'd spent 
most of 28 years; their young adulthood; apart)
	is very maternal and regrets not having any kits yet and feels like time is 
running out. Mothers Ripper and Sneak-Sneak whenever they let her and is their number 
one confidant about girl stuff.
	has a mischievous side that see doesn't let out much; but loves stories about 
tricksters. Basically just loves stories and will give free meals and lodging to 
wandering bards and storytellers.

  lil vinny



Nasty Uncle Obby





Moldred and Vive

by Style Wager



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