Chapter 1

Big Vinny takes a walk

This was nice. They hadn't done this in what seemed to Vinny; a long long time. 
Verony's arms were around his neck; her newly bigger chest and still bigger belly 
were pressing against him. She was naked. It felt so good... She was panting and 
all sweaty with her exertions. She slowly raised her muzzle to hoarsely whisper in 
his ear.
"You Basted; enjoy dis 'cause you ain't never touching this bod again!"
The midwives were using acupressure along her spine to relieve the pain of her 
contractions and as her pain subsided they laid her back down on the bed. Vincent 
Volpone looked down at his wife helplessly wondering what else he could do for her. 
More blanket? Hot water?
"Mr. Volpone you're just in the way here go pace in the hall or something"
Vinny wished he was back at the front. In battle he knew just what to do. A line 
from one of the thousands of books in the library of his "Crossroads Inn" came to 
" I don't know nuttin''bout birthing no babies; Miss Scarlet "
"Maybe I'll take a run in the woods. Got to stay in shape." Vinny thought changing 
into a full fox. Just as he cleared the front door the rain started. Undaunted he 
padded of into the forest. In moments he was soaked to the skin.
"What Da H E double hockey sticks was that?"
tiny voices in hushed whispers.
As Vinny broke into the clearing a flash of lightning lit up the mole kids that 
lived behind the Inn poking at something in a hollow tree trunk and then he saw 
what it was! A baby something; tan with black stripes on tail and back and covered 
in the red lichen that grew in the rotted stump. The moles were poking it with long 
It had an enormous mouth and was wailing like a banshee. It was so tiny; but SO 
" Moliere; whatcha doing to that baby?"
" It is being the 'Fenris Volf' of our legends Mr. Volpony; If it grow up it will 
swallow the Whole of the World. In say that in the Vanaheim Eddas!"
"Bull spit! It's just a baby and who ever heard of a striped wolf; shove off or 
I'll tell your ma and she won't let you out of your burrow for a week "
Scooping up the baby whatever Vin dashed back to the Inn. Running upstairs and into 
one of the midwives; he dropped his bundle of mold covered kitten/cub/puppy into her 
startled arms.
" found... In ...woods... what; will it live?" He spurted breathlessly
"WAH; yip; Wah!" came out of the bedroom where is wife was.
" I was coming to find you. You're a pappy. Twins! A big healthy boy and a cute 
little girl both with that funny mark under the eyes and down the nose."
Vinny rushed into the room knocking over the other birthing lady. There was Verony 
still wet and tired looking but now with two tiny kits on either side of her.
"Veronica; are you alright? Can I get you anything? Did the kits come out ok? Are 
they normal? "
"I'm fine now. I've got everything I need {patting the tiny heads}; the babies are 
doing good so far; and I'd say they're not just normal but way above average! Can 
we call this cutey Vivica Vidi; and this little guy Vincent Vici Jr.?"
"Sure thing dear anything you want." Vinny soothed stroking her hand " I guess 
everyone'll go back to calling me Big Vinny like when we were younger" he said 
Now he had more responsibility then the family hotel and a wife. What happened to 
that young fox and his sexy vixen without a care in the world chasing each other 
across the moors? He needed a good stiff drink and headed to the bar.
"Mr. Volpone? About this baby....."
Big Vinny looked up to see the old wolf lady holding the now cleaner and quieter 
" It's a taztiger or thylacine; most folks think there ain't no more but here one 
is. He was born today maybe 1 or 2 hours ago. He's strong and healthy now but needs
 food he can digest? "
" What's that Vin?" Verony yelled from the other room.
" Sweetheart; I found this squalling kitten out in the woods tonight; seems it was 
born the same time as our kits! The moles dread it and it was covered in red mold. 
What can we feed it?"
" Mole dread red mold; my head is spinning give it here; my snack bars open and 
nobody's using it right now" Vive and little Vinny were curled in her lap fast 
asleep. Moldred clamped on and started feeding right away. " I think he likes it "
When Vinny managed to tear is eyes away he turned to the wolf woman and asked
"Think this'll work wouldn't want the last taz thing to croak in my house"
"It should be ok. The One never does something without a purpose"
Moldred stopped for moment to sniff the air. His eyes were still shut.
"Porpoise I don't smell any porpoise!" He thought 


Chapter 2



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