Professor Kalami Touse ( Dr Calamitous )
Moldred's least favorite teacher; the potions mistress A cheetah lady  5'11"  strawberry blonde hair; tied in a tight bun with one loose strand Oval glasses a little too big for her face  Oval emerald green eyes Almost anime/Manga sized  face; palms; soles; front from below neck to inner thighs peach  inner ears and nose pink  everything else yellow with spots


after a love potion accident:
A cheetah lady 5'11" strawberry blonde hair; loose wild and down to her butt. A little more padded then most cheetahs totally nude except for matching collar, wristlets and anklets of brown leather with d-rings spaced around them. Some chains are trailing from her d-rings very slack. ( she's not in bondage only being restrained from running amok sexually; while working as a cook/pharmacist aboard a ship )

Professor Kalami Touse ( Dr Calamitous) She is the worlds leading authority on potions; Philters; and explosives. Not to mention a gourmet chef, As a teacher she maintained an aloof dignity and tight control of every aspect of her life; though she tended to be accident prone. Her only diversion was coming up with bigger and better ways to blow stuff up! Then two freshman potion class students read the formula wrong for a love potion and used her whole stock of rare 'cupid root'. Dr Touse grabbed the vial away from them and while running to find a way to extract the rare ingredient; slipped and doused her self in the super concentrated solution. Now the poor thing has two problems:
She falls in LUST with every furr she sees male or female
finds any material rubbing on her gets her as hot as seeing another furry
The best solution her friends and concerned officials could come up with was to give her a well stocked lab on a  ship that was mostly at sea; that way she could work with a minimum of distractions. The sailors are prohibited  from the galley and the ships officers are supposed to control themselves! And she's supposed stay in her lab/cabin/galley and not chase the nice passengers and crew. Everyone calls her Kalam now because of her explosive personality; temper and love of blowing stuff up! She's not a slave and nobody ever takes advantage of her for long.

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A truly explosive relaionship

kalam's first day at the hordes



Kalam statue



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