Ordinary world


These stories take place in an alternate universe Near the catpaw nebula. Where every kind of mammal evolved into sentience except monkeys who died out. Some mythological creatures also exist.
People are referred to as furrs, fursons or to differentiate between those who can change form weres (pronounced wears) and morphs who canít.


M-class planet (capable of sustaining life) containing a vast network of natural magnetic force lines that boost the natural Psi powers of the inhabitants and act as a GPS (global positioning system for navigation. These are called Ley Lines. The Loamans are natural born were-creatures and can transform to and from their ancestral form (four-legged animal) unlike morphs that stay in anthro form. Loamans all have some magickal ability usually minor beside lycanthropic. Besides fungi, fruit and vegetables their diet consists of birds; reptiles and insects. There are some non sentient mammals; but also former sentients who lost the ability to change back to anthro form called reverts; so eating fur-bearing creatures is considered immoral. The leaders agree any electric, magnetic or gas burning technology would disturb the Ley Lines; so such things are forbidden. Travel is usual done on foot or by horse drawn coaches on land and by sail for sea travel. Some furrs can teleport but it takes a lot of energy. Most sentients dress in a medieval style, but with less coverage of limbs; because fabric on fur can get rather uncomfortable. Nudity is barely noticed also because of body hair. Loam is a non-aligned planet with no central government just local rulers or leaders. There are two major landmasses; one is called The Ahmenian continent. On the northern section is the kingdom of Midgardon. Midgardon is small country situated between the constantly warring lands of Haven and  Hel. 

The Crossroads Inn  is at the junction of the main trade routes east and west; plus north and south. Itís been run by a family of foxes for countless generations. To the east a broad flat plain with grass and flowers in season. Some farms and a trading post called the Caveat Emptorium {caveat emptor = 'let the buyer beware!'} and a broad flat road over a sparse heath that leads to Hel. To the west is narrow rutted road through a dense forest that leads to Haven. crossing north to south is a well maintained path just wide enough for a coach that goes from the capital on Brook Lined Heights in the south to Safe Harbor the main seaport in the north. Just a league south of the Inn is. Iraina's Coach and Livery service. So west of the inn is forest ; north and east is moor and heath and south winds into the tree covered foot hills of the mountain range where the Capital is. About a mile north west is a pond that's about 4' deep in the middle where the locals like to swim in warm weather. 5 miles north on a hill overlooking the north bound road is the ruins of an ancient watchtower with overgrown stone walls and only one small section that is still roofed . The top of the roof is overgrown with soft moss and grasses and a favorite spot to camp out and look at the stars. Scattered on the moors are barrows of kings and leaders of olden times. The known ones have been picked clean and now just contain mushrooms; but once in a while someone falls through a hole and discovers swords and armor and of course a skeleton in moldy livery with a crown or helm. There are brooks and streams but no major rivers an underground stream runs under the Inn and supplies water that is pumped to a tower on the roof  for inside use. The Inn is a three storied U shaped building with 50 guest rooms.
west wing---
ground level - Kitchen, dinning room and baths (steam and a large tub) stairs between bath and dinning hall.
second floor - 24 rooms. Preferred side
Third floor - Family bedrooms, kids: 1 girls bedroom, 2 boys rooms, and a vast Library. Largest bedroom nearest library girls room Stairs to this floor end facing library.

East wing
Ground level --- stables
second floor 24 rooms. Less popular side No stairs only accessible from central stairway .
third floor Ė storage

Behind the stables is a hill honeycombed with caves where a large family of moles who work at the Inn live.

ground floor ---- Main hall / reception area. Common room. Bar. Main stairs in main hall back stairs behind bar.
Second floor --- 2 suites. one facing front, one the rear; inner stairs come up between. Outer stairs behind panel in rear suite.
Third floor ---  Family - Innkeepers rooms; There's a winding stairway accessible from the rear that leads up here for privacy.

At ground level the west wing and center connect through a wide hall. The stable is usually entered from outside but there is a door inside.

The whole second floor is connected by a narrow hall with doors on either side each part has one restroom.

Third floor-- the library is at one end; closest the middle then the bedrooms; girlís room faces front and the other two the rear; hall leads to the parents rooms and a heavy padlocked door for the storage area; where people have left things for hundreds of years and forgotten about them.


Extraordinary world


A Kingdom ruled by The Pacratty family. Order is keep by Rangers who patrol the land and in time of war (between Haven and Hel) protect lives and property. The Rangers uniforms are deep forest green and they carry swords; daggers, bows & arrows, and/or staves


The stony mountains and capital city of Brook Lined Heights:

Haphazard town of stone buildings radiating out from Castle Pacratty. Streams from surrounding peaks channeled into canals and cascading off south end of town down sheer cliff into Half Vast Ocean Populace craft people; poultry farmers and cheese makers. Town has never been successfully attacked.


Moors and heath leading to Safe Harbor

Midgardonís only seaport Mixed construction of stone from east and lumber from west. Docks and piers mostly wood. Populace fisherman and Import /Export traders. There are many stores with exotic goods from far off lands. Merchants guild keeps traders honest mostly. Ships sailing all over Loam departs from here. Safer port than Helís and less restrictive and expensive than Havenís


broad flat road past farms and small villages to border of Hel


Dense woods with well marked trails all the way to Haven border.

Wood cutters and Hunters; trading posts and lone cottages

Pearly Gate

Town of log cabins right next to eastern border of Haven. Taverns and last trading posts before Haven

From Safe Harbor northeast:


Hel is a loose collection of city states each with local authority in their region The central government consists of a leader nobody sees except his representative and a standing army that needs to be self supporting; and hires out as mercenaries.


West coastline of Hel

South Baston--- Wild lawless seaport Dockside (day & night) and market place (daytime only) guarded by merchantís personal guards; who wear black leather (snake/lizard skins) and carry sabers; pikes, cudgels and crossbows. All other areas are dangerous without some protection. The market place after dark is the gathering place of thieves and assassins guilds. Taverns are also bordellos and drug dens. Anything that is illegal or immoral on Loam is available here if you can survive the trip to get it. Most shipping consists of pirates; slavers; and smugglers.

Lynden (up coast) --- Well-protected seaport, patrolled by well paid city police force, with rich homes and fine shops and great restaurants. All shipping is either cruise ships or well-armed merchantmen. South end of town is where servants, police and other employees live. The police wear navy blue uniforms and carry Cutlasses; clubs, spears, and small blowguns. Theyíre main function is to keep order and remove any disturbances ASAP. Their blow darts are tipped with a sleep potion.



North Baston (further up coast) --- Main seaport of Hel, streets are patrolled by detachment of the army (Hordes of Hel). The army uses whatever weapons and clothing they can scavenge; but all wear a tiger striped armband or patch with a dragon head logo for ID. Streets are relatively safe; some pickpockets and charlatan street vendors tolerated but major crimes discouraged. Most people work on docks, fishing boats or provide services for those who do. Shipping mostly fishing or low cost passenger ships, ferries etc.

Nordheim ( On north coast ) --- Part time seaport in icy northern wastes. Bay of Ragnor frozen over half of year. Populace Hunters and Sea raiders Many join army.

On central plain:

Permanent encampment of the Hordes of Hel. A vast collection of tents and lean-tos Larger more ornate ones for officers and their families.

Small villages have sprung up in the vicinity to cater to the army.

On eastern edge:

Lin Nai

Sprawling center of world trade on major overland route to eastern lands. Home of University of Magick; the one place all wizards must go to learn and/or become accredited as a wizards. Many stores full of ancient books, potions, talismans and items no one remembers the uses of. Lin Nai has a very, very low crime rate except for false magic items.

South central plateau

Mountains of Darkness

Black forbidding range honeycombed with many caves and caverns. Cold and lifeless area.

South Coast ( called Dragonís Teeth)

Largotha Ė Seaport on Half Vast Ocean. Piers built of granite from mountains rest of town thatched huts some rather large and fancy. Mostly vacation spot and retirement community. Some light shipping and sport fishing. Small well paid and under worked police in sky blue uniforms keep the occasional rowdy drunk overnight till he or she sobers up.




From Safe Harbor northwest:


Haven is a Socialist Theocracy Ruled by a pope. No one is paid to work or charged for goods and services. "from each according to their ability and to each according to their need." Trade and barter is used to gain somewhat better goods and services and Travelers are given some easily traded gems or gold to exchange for foreign currency.

Each town has a government appointed sheriff who is empowered to recruit deputies if needed. Theft is almost nonexistent and violent crimes rare.

Haven on the Sea--- Main harbor of Haven. Piers and docks of white marble. Streets laid out in orderly geometric pattern. Rather than outright trade Haven officials Tithe all in coming ships 50% of their goods and give them Ďfreelyí goods they judge to be of equal value. All goods and services are free, But many shopkeepers accept Ďdonationsí in exchange for preferred treatment. Haveners leaving the country are given foreign coins or trade goods.


Haven on the Lakes ( sometimes called Haven in the Swamps)

Languid seaport at end of Angelus River surrounded by delta and mangrove bogs. Houses all above ground maximum 3 stories. Same with graves all mausoleums. Merchants and Shippers who have a more opulent lifestyle through foreign trade and fisherfurrs and trappers who donít.


Haven in the woods

Town built of Log cabins on Midgardon border. Main barracks of Hosts of Haven. Officers live in private quarters. Only town in Haven where money changes hands openly; Overland trade too frequent and small time to handle like shipping. Soldiers cross over to Pearly Gate for fun and strong drink. Itís the only town that has permanent deputies, Because of foreign travelers and army.

Army uniforms consist of white kilts, white puffy shirts, and sword belts from shoulder to waist. They carry broad swords, stilettos, and pistol sized crossbows. All in white and silver or gold for officers.


Haven On the Mountain Tops

Town on western edge of Haven high in the White Mountains. Built of bricks and wood from surrounding hillsides. Ski resort and Home of many crafts people. Effectively the end of overland travel Mountains climb to impassable heights and Tunnels collapse before finished.


North and up in the sky

Haven in The Clouds

Floating city all of white marble. Capitol of Haven. Main Church of "The One Who Left Us Here" Home of the reigning Pope. Inside church is long corridor hung with portraits of every Pope from the first one and every one was a white rabbit; till the present one.


North then southwest across the Vast Ocean.


Volcanic island and Loams only spaceport for off world trade Buildings made of Steele reinforced lava rock and offworld glass and plastics. Main product of Dusa is a metal alloy produced inside the Volcano called Dusa Steele. Itís the most durable and malleable metal in the known universe and the only thing the rest of the universe wants from Loam in any quantity. Dusa is ruled by The Mysaki export corporation who control the Steele.

Only city called Dusa City. Mysaki security guards in khaki shorts and white shirts keep order. They are armed with machetes of Steele and Phasers set to stun most of the time. Mysaki executives always question female suspects.


North and to the east


Ancient land mostly dessert ruled from Tookish empire who appoints local sultans. Inland are old temples, burial mounds and nomadic tribes


Major seaport and capital city Recently rebuilt except for Temple of Anubus; only building left whole when Tookish Pasha hired Hordes of Hel to raze town as punishment for local rebellions.


Further east

The Tookish Empire

Ruled by a Pasha and consists of allied group of cities along trade routes to Toazen and Seylonia. Army and national police recruited from Fedykine tribes of the deep dessert who are fiercely loyal to the Pasha. They dress in brown and red stripped robes and carry scimitars and daggers of special design; like serpent teeth or ocean waves.



Capitol city and major trade nexus sprawling metropolis full of temples; churches large and small shops, hotels and restaurants.



Due south between the Vast Ocean And The Half Vast Ocean

The south Ahmenian Continent


Ruled by military tribunal which frequently changes. Uniform styles stay the same but change color with each regieime

Boglima City at the foot of the Amos Mountains.

Major seaport and capital Built of stucco. Gateway to southern continent.

the Nasscar Plains

Vast flat area crisscrossed by lines that form pictures when viewed from Mountains.

Maykatec Ruins on top of one of the Amos Mountains

Tumbled blocks of stone that was a city at one time covered with glyphs.



West from S.A.

Bruni Land

The land down under which is being colonized by outcasts from Haven and Hel but is ruled from Haven; the original native population is not too happy about this but they are so busy fighting amongst themselves they havenít put up much resistance.

Buzzbay/St. Bunniface

Northern settlement where First colonist landed and built city. It was supposed to be named after newly canonize saint but locals started calling it Buzzbay because of Bees that abound in region.

OMAROO/Ayresís Rock

Central point in outback and site of Mission of St.


Cooper Pines

Southern settlement and most southern seaport on Loam



The Loamans do not use space travel much and only Dusa has a spaceport. The Empire discourages them from going off world because of their shape shifting and other abilities But if they go itís usually to:


A Unified and high tech planet that has had 30 years of peace and prosperity under a truly benevolent dictatorship; That encourages diversity and tolerance. Yet they still have a standing army/spacefleet.


A Unified and high tech planet; whose economy is based on slave labor. They have a nasty habit of railroading offworlders in slavery. After some mysterious events involving spaceships transporting Loams pressed into slavery being found abandoned with nothing but dead newts in ships crew outfits; they donít try to enslave Loamans.


Sumer TM (trade matrix)


A space station where Furrs and Alien races meet and trade Itís neutrality is strictly enforced by all sides. Enoch Long (doc Long) a long lived Okapi, traveling healer and diplomat arraigned for a safe place where all lifeforms could meet safely and get to know each other. His long time Pilot and friend Natalie Fenkirk; a snow leopard took over from the first commander who disappeared mysteriously opening week. Two Skunk girls, Villa and Tara Nova that Doc Long saved from a war torn planet, joined the staff. Villa became second in command; Tara became a 'problem' starting drinking and gambling to excess and lost her job but still lives on the station and does odd jobs. Neither Natalie nor Villa had much experience with police work (at least from the officers point of view) So they recruited Gianni Rochette (Johnny Rocket) former Space Ranger and Holistic Detective. Gianni hired Boas a fanaloka from Loam who can change into a full civet cat but isn't supposed to (weres freak out morphs). Doc Long and his communications officer and biographer Roger Wilmont a horny little hedgehog with a thing for Natalie, are frequent visitors. Reynolds Mysaki heads the trade delegation from Loam and never changes into a ringtailed lemur in public; but his assistant Amelie a Somali cat does. She's very loyal (she doesn't want to go back home and work for Alcoa or Reardon). Aside from furrs there are the Brou who never seem to have one shape for long periods but have the most advanced technology and a bird-like race whose name is a squawk beakless races can't pronounce who specialize in miniature electronics.


It's the size of a small moon and shaped like the Venus of Wallendorf. The station itself consists of 103 levels and 4 rings. The bottom most levels where the bigger docks are consist of bulk storage on the outer ring and waste recycling on the inmost ring along with under built sections that lurkers and the lowest class criminals hang out in between. Even Tara won't venture here. Above that are the main docks and shipyards where freighters and battlecruisers (powered down one parsec out) dock for cargo, repairs and shore leave. These docks can be sealed and jettisoned if necessary and the access to other rings and levels closed with blast proof doors. The Empire and all their allies and enemies are welcome as long as they maintain the neutrality of the place. Next levels are Bars; casinos and entertainment for adults. Gianni's security guards keep some order without interfering in peoples fun. If large fights break out involving the military their own enforcement officers are called in. Tara hangs out here alot. The inmost rings are where the cheapest motels and rooms by the hour and X-rated holo-suites are with no view ports. above these levels at the stations widest point are the small ship docks for personal and chartered starships and space ferries from the luxury spacecruisers in orbit around Sumer TM. Large commercial passenger liners are usually repaired in orbit (no docking fees) From these docks inward are customs and then the bottom of the galaxies largest mall that goes up 30 levels and has goods and services from every corner of the known Universe and beyond. If you can't find it there you can buy a map to it's exact location! The direct sale of slaves and certain drugs is prohibited but samples of both are available for pick up somewhere else. Weapons and ammo or a power source can not be bought in the same store or carried by the same furr. There are private meeting rooms and convention suites. At the top of the mall is three rings of restaurants the outer ones most expensive and with the best views; the inner fast food and vid screen views. Right above that starts the offices of trade delegations, Ambassadors and emissaries to the Universal Parliament. The outer rings are offices and the inner rings are joined for 4 levels to house the grand meeting hall. Next level is Operations where Commander Fenkirk and her staff attempt to preserve the disorder that is Sumer TM. Villa and her staff control ships coming and going from the outer ring. Gianni monitors traffic and activity inside from the next ring in. Natalie keeps track of both inner and outer proceedings, Meets with visitors, Parliamentarians and adjudicates staff conflicts. Natalie and Villa never seem to get enough sleep or time off and at least once a week need to be carried back to their quarters; in the inner rings because they collapsed at their desks. Tara shares Villa's rooms and takes up most of the closet space; but isn't home a lot. Captain Rochette knows how to delegate and spends time mingling with the visitors and representatives. Most of the rest of the station is Hotels and the delegates quarters which are suites in the best and upper level hotels. Some rooms are adapted to house non carbon based lifeforms and/or nullify gravity. Gravity on Sumer TM is maintained by rotation and is 90% of normal on the Imperial home world (Visitors feel lighter and can carry more purchases back to their ships. When the staff goes off station it's a day or two for them to be comfortable planetside. The very top level is a vast park and hydroponics garden with large fields for concerts and rallies plus secluded nooks for more private trysts; all covered by a transparent dome with the best views. All day and night every day of the year something is going on at Sumer TM. Each section has stacked layers then there's a gap except in the middle and the Mall; the Universal Parliament and Hotels are closer together with the operations deck sandwiched in the middle but not as accessible. Nobody has to walk all the way round to reach the other side They walk through the middle. Each ring has a number of tubular tunnels connecting it with the next one and the central core has elevators and stairs up and down. I'm trying to work out a way to increase the views of space around the station.


orbiting a gas giant in an uninhabited system near (In light years) Loam, Geode and the Satsuma system.





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