Shirley Goodness and Mercy

Shirley Goodness:

 marten/sable (Martes zibellina) girl

voluptuous figure, very flamboyant.

hair style long straight with a part down the middle

brownish fur all over; lighter in front and on hands and feet; almost white on
ears; reddish on hair; and darker on tail. With streaks of black and white for texture.

Aquamarine eyes very deep and mysterious


Shirley's magick is Pheromones she can drive either sex wild with lust. As a teenager this got her much more attention than she wanted and her Dad wouldn't come near her. When she ran away to South Baston at 17 the local gangs fought over her and never consulted her about her preferences. by 20 she gained enough control over her talent to be able to get a waitress job outside of town. Then she took the identity of a Mink girl who was a freelance agent/spy willing to go anywhere and do anything for anybody for a bag of gold. She is very sexually active; she has a scent the drives furrs of both sexes into a frenzy wanting her and is never above using sex as weapon or a form of amusement. Until she took a job to escort Moldred out of Hel and in order to keep him busy on the three day coach ride

Shirley Goodness had a strict upbringing and left home very young. After being taken advantage of in too many
ways; she learned how to take care of her self. One of her first jobs was to make sure a young; naive but
powerful wizard just out of university didn't stir up any trouble on his way home. He; Moldred; liked to undermine
authority by just pointing out to people how crappy their lives were. He had a lot on his mind like what he was
going to do with the rest of his life after he did a little errand for his King. Was he a malcontent as someone had
just called him? Did his girlfriend at home still want to get married? Was he ready to take on apprentices? He barely
noticed the cute little weasel girl that shared his stagecoach to North Baston and his ship to wherever. He was
thinking about his last visit home and making out with Vive his childhood sweetheart; when a bump in the road
sent the sable lady plop into his lap.
"Is that a wand in your lap or are you just glad to see me" Shirley purred as she settled herself on the thylacine .
"Your softer on my poor little butt than that hard bench can I sit here till the next stop?"
"You Know this coach ain't stopping till we get to Baston in 3 days; Miss....? Maybe you could sit on my spare
"Ah come on; I'm a very light little mink. Doesn't this feel nice." rubbing her velvety arm on his cheek
"If you're a mink I'm a Bavarian Schwinhundt. Do you do this to every tazwolf you meet?"
"I DO NOT! I'm a respectable young lady. You may call me MS. Goodness!"
" Lady you miss goodness by miles. You respectable; surely you jest."
" You know my name is Shirley; how? OH!" She thought ---if I don't shut him up he'll talk me into who knows
what!!-- so she started kissing him and tearing his clothes off; and stuff parts of her body into his mouth just to
keep him quiet. She soon discovered his tongue had other talents beside talking. Three days later Moldred was
standing dazed and not sure if he'd been making love or wrestling. Shirley went about her business till she started
throwing up in the morning and putting on weight. Children were rare in Loam and mixed breeds even rarer but
there she was 'with child' and where was the father? It could only be Moldred; she wasn't that sexually active;
trust issues. While in labor she made two decisions the baby was going to be named Mercy and when she found
out where Moldred lived
"Shirley Goodness and Mercy would follow him all the days of his life!"
With a kid to raise she had to settle down a little so she went to work for Pope Dillard. Mercy grew up in Haven in
the Skies the airborne capital of Haven; while Shirley went off on spy missions all over Loam and even off planet.
When Mercy was nine news came of the return of the true Queen of Midgardon and a side note about the
wedding of Moldred the Malcontent to his Fiancée Vivica Volpone.
"If anyone knows why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony; let them speak now or forever..."
"NOW!! Here's Why!" Shirley leading Mercy down the isle.
"Daddy!" Mercy shouted just like mommy rehearsed her to.
"OH MY GOD" chorused everyone present except an old white rabbit in a leisure suit off to one side.
"M mmOlDrEdd; you got some 'splainin' to do" Vive sputtered



Shirley Goodness

by Shawntee


Model sheet


 She's a spy

Her story

The quality of Mercy is not strained...

When Shirley's busy Mercy likes staying with Sneak and Ripper

All in the family?


Speak now or forever hold.....



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mercy wild

Earliest mercy picture

"When Madame Fyang say shut mouth; she mean it"

no you never know to whom your talking..

Teen Shirley. she grew into her feet.
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