Catty and Patty Pacratty 

Two mouse/packrat furries as character sketches for my website
Patty Pacratty the forest/country mouse in a robin hood type costume.
athletic but busty. Thinner than a mouse, huskier than a rat
gray fur
round face, head and ears
dark green outfit; short pants; high boots, top of breasts
protruding from jacket front
catty Pacratty the castle/city mouse dressed like a medieval Queen
(which she is)
full figured and busty. Slightly thinner than a mouse, huskier
than a rat
gray and white fur
round face, head and ears
lace and velvet dress trailing on the floor but slit so one leg
sticks out.
low slung bodice with top of breasts protruding



Queen Catherina The Cosmopolitan

Was supposed to ascend the throne on the death of her father King Phillip; but was kidnapped and made to stay in mouse/packrat form by the leaders of Haven. What they did was weld a collar around her neck that magically kept her from changing back and threw into the Hordes of Hel bivouac full of hungry underpaid and bored soldiers. Luckily she was found by a lonely and kind hearted tiger girl (Ripper)   who kept her as a pet for 10 years while Moldred and Sneak traveled all over the world looking for her and Patty ruled Midgardon pretending to be her. till

Sitting on the docks in North Baston's back bay after traveling the known world twice. Moldred, Phyrrt, and Vive (who joined them whenever she could) were at the end of the last trail and the last clue they could dig up. Watching the tide roll in.
"Hey aren't you that tyler scene wizard from mid guard on" A big young tigress/girl came up to them " It's Ripper remember me? What brings you back around here?"
"We're looking for a rascally rodent that happens to be Queen of Midgardon. Have you seen her?" Phyrrt asked
"Mhyrrt-tee-neow? My how you've grown" Moldred said looking up at her six foot three healthy frame. " This is my gal pal Vive and Phyrrt-de-yow my apprentice. Vive, Sneak this is my old friend Mhyrrt-tee-neow daughter of General Ahyrrad-tee-neow who won't go telling her father we don't have a Queen; will she?
" No worries! He never hears I word I say anyway. Did you say you were looking for a mouse or something. Funny; I'm in town looking for someone to help my pet mouse. I found her in camp a few weeks after I met you Moldred. She was weak and hungry and must have been someone lost pet. She had; and still has a gold collar. At first she wouldn't eat anything. No mouse chow, no mouse pellets, not even cheese from the mess tent. Finally I stole some of my bratty sisters fancy imported cheese and CATT (that's what it says or her collar. Weird name for a mouse, Huh?) gobbled it right down. Been feeding her that ever since. But now her neck is to big for her collar and we can't get it off! She's choking and can barely swallow."
"Zookies! does the collar have little crosses on it?" Vive.
"Yeah" Ripper
"Quick! Where is she? Lead the way"
Using a green tipped wand and a few mumbled runes Moldred removed the 'Haven Binder' and Queen Catherina The Cosmopolitan stood before them.
" You know what this big pussy tried to do to me? She threw a horny gerbil in the cage with me and expected me to 'mate' with it." Catty stated flatly
" You looked lonely " Ripper said
Catty worked out a complex treaty where Patty and her foresters would patrol the western deep woods on the Haven border and if ever an army marched into Midgardon, the Hordes of Hel would invade Haven from the north with transport by the Midgardonian navy (pirates and were - dolphins) and Air Force ( were - eagles, hawks and rocs)

Princess Patricia the Prepared (Patty)                

Likes living in forest. Dressing in a casual rugged manner and always speaks her mind.

She has a band of rats and mice that help her guard and protect the border and interior of Midgardon

when her father died and her sister disappeared she offered Moldred a deal if he would go find her.

When he asked why him she said

1. We got to keep this quiet. No ruler, No government.
2. You survived the trip here. Maybe you can live long enough to find Catty.
3. If you find her quick I'll give you and Vive and your servant girl there (pointing at Phyrrt, who bared her pointy little fangs) a nice cottage in the Forested Hills west of here. I don't want to be Queen! Not my style.
4. Catty knows how to deal with Diplomats, dukes, earls, and High Priests. I usually just piss them off."
"Listen Princess! You can handle this kingdom for as long as you have to" Moldred stated using a little of 'the voice' to boost her confidence. " My apprentice; Not Servant! (a big toothy smile lit up Sneak-sneak's face) and I will search for our new Queen; 'the one' save her. after all how long could it take?"

Moldred has more respect for Princess Patricia the Prepared (Patty) than for her older sister Catty. Patty strayed home and managed the kingdom while Catty Toured the Courts of Haven, Hel and far off exotic lands. Patty was the regent for many years when Catty disappeared on the way home to their father; King Phillip's funeral.


Ranger Patty


Catty's dream

Catty's old beau Khristian

 Patty on vacation

Patty and Ronin Wylde 







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